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Let us worry about your trading while you can focus on your life.May-13-2021 02:36:28 AM

Traders love volatility. Volatility moves prices, creating trading opportunities and is usually accompanied with more volume. Markets with little volatility are considered boring and not profitable, and very possibly more illiquid. Also, when the price is more volatile, it’s also less likely to range, thereby creating more room for trending positions (ie. up or down a certain direction, rather than sideways).

The great volatility in cryptocurrencies is very possibly the factor that has attracted so many investors and has, no doubt, driven their price to very high levels in such a small time frame. Be warned, volatility is also known to blow up stop-losses too early, leaving traders out of potentially profitable trades while trading a trend. That's why they are often considered as a double-edged sword.

With this kind of knowledge in the back of our head, we are well prepared to face any trading situation. Let us worry about your trading while you can focus on your life.

Exploring the ups and downs of cryptocurrenciesMay-10-2021 05:05:49 AM

Cryptocurrencies have a history of being tremendously volatile. This specific characteristic has made them extremely popular, and convinced people like your neighbour or a friend with limited information on their underlying technology to invest in them.

Crypto is one of the most volatile assets in recent times, and in a media environment without a clear consensus on whether the asset is worth a lot or worthless, crypto’s volatility was born. In ordinary trading, the scale of volatility is reduced to much smaller proportions. These smaller forms of volatility might not actually be that obvious when looking at a graph. That’s where indicators come into play.

In trading, volatility is actually a category of indicators used to measure how volatile the price is in a certain period of time, indicating when a market is more volatile and, therefore, when more volume is entering in it. With the help of the volatility of cryptocurrencies we can promise realistic profits to our investors here at Lilbit.

Your kingdom has comeMay-7-2021 12:50:42 PM

The Lilbit platform was designed to generate and manage virtual AI bot trade Profits featuring fast-rising, the technological driven blockchain-based platform that empowers and operates Forex, Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Gold, Indices, Bonds. Today we are proud to announce that investment can start!